We deliver software solutions that your business actually needs.

We work for your business to help it succeed by providing whatever service or tool you need. We use proven frameworks which gives the out of the box reliability but all the flexibility to create a custom solution designed for your business. Our systems adjust and scale smoothly. Allowing your business; no matter the size to use the best system based on your needs.

Our Capabilities

Custom-built Software that gives your Business the Competitive Edge

As more and more unique businesses are are created, they are rapidly evolving and requiring unique systems to solve business processes, challenges and needs. Companies need a solution made for their business. We understand that you will rely on the software we provide create and maintain a competitive edge.
We specialise in creating custom software to meet the customers' exact needs and requirements to support the business and encourage innovation.

No Solution is the same

At Corexo, we dont sell you a package as we understand what works for one company doesn't work for yours. We work with you to understand your business problem or opportunity before event meantioning a solution. We work with you to identity how to move forward and make the best solution for your business. Our staff are qualified experts in multiple frameworks which gives us the freedom and knowledge to help provide the most efficient and user friendly solution for you.

Device Adaptive

As we are in the age of technology, we understand that a system will need to work no matter the device. Thats why when we develop your solution at Corexo, we ensure that we integrate your business processes into a user-friendly UI which is adaptive to any required whether thats a large touch screen TV in your office, laptop or a mobile device. As well as your product, we adapt for you.

Our Approach

We understand that our clients are unique which means that we adapt our processes to suit your needs and timeframe. We implement an Agile Approach that allows the software to adapt and grow based off your changing requirements and ideas. We hold bi-weekly meeting where we show the progress made, state when we will be by the next meeting and give you the opportunity to provide feedback and request alterations.

Optimise your Web Presence

At Corexo, we have a diverse range of customers from businesses who were born using the internet but want to expand their reach, to clients who want their products online to take their business to new levels.
We design and develop your website thoughout the entire life cycle of your website from the initial specification gathering phase to release. We also have expertise in maintaining websites to meet new standards and ensuring that valuable spot on Google.

Design and Development

We understand that having a great user experience on a website begins with planning and exploring design. Before we dive into designs and mockups, we first request a face-to-face meeting (where applicable) where we can learn to understand your business and its requirements. We then start the development process which can be on a number of platforms depending on your requirements.


Now that competition online is so agressive, having a website is no longer enough. We help create and maintain an online presence by working with the developers to optimise your website based around your online business goals. We offer Search Engine Optimisation services to help improve your rank and get your website seen on search engines.

Scalable, Reliable and Efficient Databases

We provied Database Adminstration Services to any business every if there products weren't developed by us. Our databases are cloud based giving the freedom of scaling to your business and the Microsoft guarantee of 99.95% uptime availability.
If you are in need of any work to be completed using a database, we can help. From preparing and advising for future and optimising current projects, monitoring and small change requests.


We work with your business to consult you on anything database related. From database design and data modeling to capacity and upgrade planning, we walk you through these processes step-by-step to ensure the best solution is implemented.


Now that we have planning how to execute the upgrade/changes, we complete them and help ensure the migration process to the new schema is smooth and with minimal downtime.


With all your databases up and running, we complete regular health checks and continuosly improve the performance of your database based on any operational changes. We include 24/7 monitoring, problem resoultion and roo-cause analysis.

Visualisation Answers the Questions you Didn't Know You Had

Storing your data in our system gives you a huge advantage of being able to add a visualisation layer ontop of your numbers to provide you with custom reports and interative graphs giving you historic, live and predicitive outputs on any device type.
We link your data from multiple sources to create one report set which converts KPI's specific to your business into sharable and interactive visuals. Using data we already have access to, we help business decisions be made fast and anywhere. Stop bringing your spreadsheets to meetings and just pull up your report and all the numbers are there for everyone to see in understandable formats.

Data Analytics

The more data you have in your business, the more daunting it becomes to make sense of it. We derive insights from your data that lead to a better understanding and smarter decision making. Our specialists use Microsoft's Power BI to help manipulate and transform your data into actionable insights.

Data Visualisation

Power BI gives us the ability to transform your data of any type into a graphical presentation making it easier to comprehend, identify trends and exceptions or even managing staff productivity. We can bring in data from many sources and fields of your business into a single visualisation allowing patterns and relationships to be easily identified.

"Everything is Designed. Few Things are Designed Well" - Brian Reed

Design is an artform. It requires talent and a specific eye to detail to to make the desgin from an everyday drawing into a work of art. Corexo has designers who specialise in digital design and marketing to increase the online potential of your company exponentially.
From designing new logos, creating advertising pieces or creating providing designs for you company to use however you like, we can work with you to process the picture you have in your head, to a physical output which you can share and help your business succeed.

Advertising and Marketing Material

At Corexo, we work with you to understand your requirements before we start the design process to ensure that we both have the same outcome in mind. We specialise in working with images and videos which can be used to help sell and portray your business the way you want.
We create advertising pieces, newsletters, video content, graphic design and much more! All for your business.
Why pay a full time marketer a full time salary when you can outsource? With us you only pay for the work you need. We’re flexible and we’ll fit around you and your schedule, only delivering work when it’s required and when you need us. That way you save money and time, leaving you to focus on the operational side of your business.

"If you can't solve a problem, you never understood it"

Agile uses a iterative delivery approach meaning that we will provide you working software within short time-frame's (i.e. bi-weekly). We break the large task of your complete solution into small, achievable deliverables allowing frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans.

As much as using an Agile process is for the client, it is as much for us as it has a built in process that allows us to adapt for change. When we first meet and discuss your idea and vision; thats all are, ideas. We have to use our judgement and understanding to interpret your idea into a physical product. This means that as new ideas flourish and develop, we as the developers and you as the client can request changes and alterations. Depending on the change request, majority of these won't affect the overall scope of the project but even if they do, Agile allows for this and helps us keep the project moving.

If you have a job, we'll do it. No matter the size

As we are a small company, we work hard to keep our positive reputation, no matter the cost. This means that no matter the ideas you bring to us, we will work through them and give you an honest opinion if your job is going to be to big for us. Nothing worse than us accepting a project that is way outside our capability and failing to meet deadlines and requirements falling short. This is why before any money has changed hands or contracts signed, we have a sit down meeting dicussing your requirements.

We provide complete transparancy throughout the entire process with no hidden costs. Each iteration including the requirements gathering will be invoiced seperatly meaning that at any time throughout the project, if you need to stop for any reason, whether its financial reasons or anything else, then we have no issue putting the project on hold on cancelling it altogether.

Software, Websites, Databases, Visualisation and Design

We provide a much larger range of services that a large consulting company which allows Corexo to be your all in one supplier. We can develop your website and provide marketing material. We can create your software and link in any existing systems. Majority of conulting companies would have to pawn you off part of these jobs to an external company charging you their middle man fee in between.

At Corexo, we believe that there isn't a need to make you pay more for work that you expected we can do but are just using an external supplier. All work that we agree to in our initial meeting and proposal, is completed by us and us alone. Not only giving you a cost saving, but providing us all the knowledge of your systems meaning any questions or changes you want made, we can give you an instant response instead of having to ask the 3rd party.

Contact Us

Contact us to request our portfolio as well as to book a meeting where we can organise how to improve your company.

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